JSB Arts/Shawna N.M. Barnes - Sculptor

Name: Shawna N.M. Barnes

Date Business Was Opened:  JSB Arts - 2012. Sculpting - 2014

Types of Items/performance: I work with ceramic sculpture (JSB Arts – ornaments)

How long have you been doing this?  I’ve been making ornaments and small handbuilt items since 2012.  I’ve been learning and focusing on my sculpting since 2014.

How has this helped you as a veteran? Unable to maintain traditional employment, my art has given me a new focus.  I’ve discovered a new passion in life.  It’s allowed me to connect with a larger community within the art/clay world.  And it’s given me a way to tell my story; it’s given me a voice.

If you could give one piece of advice to veterans who feel completely lost since being discharged what would it be? Get involved.  Whether it’s an artistic pursuit, or sports, or volunteering.  It doesn’t matter.  One of the worst things we do is shut ourselves out from reintegration because we hold tight to the belief that no one understands.  They’re not going to understand if we don’t help them to. Start small, start with your local Veteran organization – RWB, American Legion, VFW, etc.  And then branch out so you’re interacting and socializing with civilians. 

Where can people find you or your items? 
Sculpture – www.shawnabarnes.com
Ornaments – www.jsbarts.etsy.com