Angie Blevins Art

Name:  Angie B. Blevins

Military Branch: US Navy 1982-1988, Maine Army National Guard 22 Years (27 years, retired in 2010)

Date Business was opened: February 2010

Medium I work in:  watercolor, graphite, ink, Oil, pastels

How long have I been doing this: almost 40 years (after high school, I attended an art school then joined the Navy)

I was an illustrator Draftsmen in the Navy, I Painted murals on a base in Texas, then drew charts and pictures, before Power Point existed. And I was an illustrator in the Army - in Desert Storm I drew on poster paper the daily commander briefings. I had a variety of MOS afterwards, Carpenter, photojournalist and in Counterdrug program a Crime analyst and a Police composite Artist.

How has this helped you as a veteran: I think it’s always provided me a way to escape - whatever my mind is thinking if I’m creating it’ll remove the sadness, fear, worry and it becoming a safe place. 

If you could give one piece of advice to veterans who feel completely lost since being discharged what would it be? 

Don’t give up on yourself.  Give yourself time to become You after the Military. I found the military to offer a comradeship that couldn’t be found anywhere else. But when given enough time, I found people or new adventures.  Find a hobby, like journaling, write your thoughts/stories down, or drawing - a daily habit to engage your mind.. Exercise.. Get out and go for a walk or run

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