Alexander Perkins

Hello, my name is Alexander Perkins, I’m a medically retired Marine MP. I served in Iraq during OIF 4 as a QRF for EOD. We protected EOD during any mission that required us to leave the wire for IED’s, UXO, and weapons caches to be disposed of. Sadly, we also went out for post blast assessments. 

I was retired due to multiple tragedies that fell upon my unit. After my retirement, I went back to school to learn how to weld. I was a natural at it. I flew past fellow students with my abilities to weld better than them. As a result, I got bored, and started letting my mind wander with my newly acquired skills. Soon I started creating things I wanted. Eventually that lead me to making small random things that one could call art.

Welding helps me escape, letting me let go of my troubles. I’m free to create whatever is in my heart and in my minds eye.