Our Mission

Arts at Attention is a non profit organization that believes in serving those who have served their country. We know, understand, and can relate on the difficult transition that awaits military personnel when their combat boots are closeted for good. The transition from military to civilian life is fraught with turmoil. The service member faces feelings of confusion, feeling lost and lacking direction, not knowing how to start over in a sector that doesn’t understand the job they once took such pride in. For the lucky one, this is all they have to worry about it. However for many Veterans, they leave the service with a laundry list of psychological and physical complications that are brought upon by their service.

This is where Arts at Attention comes in. We believe in the amazing therapeutic benefits that act of creating can have. We acknowledge that there is something inexplicable and innately powerful in simply creating art. Whether that art form be painting, sculpting, music, theater, writing, or macaroni noodle necklaces – it matters not. What does matter is that through this act of creation, the service member has regained a new focus to help not only with their transition but their new life. When we can turn our thoughts and emotions into something meaningful – even if only to the one creating – we allow ourselves to break free of the restraints placed upon us. The barriers begin to fade away and true healing can begin. The act of creating has been shown to heal the mind, body, and spirit.

Our mission here at Arts at Attention begins with presenting our nation’s Veterans the space to express themselves in a safe and judgement free zone while providing the ability for them to find new meaning through the creation of art. We offer classes in person and online to meet the needs of all those we serve. Donations of artwork created by Veterans are graciously accepted and used to inspire others.