Denmon Studios

Name: Christopher Brandon Denmon

Date Business Was Opened:  01 January 2017

I work with high quality, fine art drawing, done with graphite, or charcoal, or a combination of the two, along with Watercolors paintings. I also shoot artistic, and nature Photography.

Drawing and creating art is one of my earliest memories. I have been doing creative type works my entire life. I began becoming very serious about being a professional after my ETS in 2010.

Having a natural inclination to be creative, as well as a drive to be self-sufficient, has helped me as a veteran by continuing to give me focus and dedication. I spent a great deal of time trying to work with my PTSD, and focusing on trying to help others has given me an ability to really look at my own issues and be very honest about what I need to do to move forward. The most rewarding part of working to help raise awareness for PTSD and other mental health issues, has been the response from the veteran community. A great deal of men and women have gotten in touch with me to say that my work is a visual to how they feel inside. That makes it all my hard work, and stress, about this venture into self made artistic entrepreneurship worthwhile. 

We all feel lost at some point after separation from a lifestyle. We all have doubts, and fears, but we also have very specific skills to help us cope, adapt, and eventually overcome our personal hang ups. And lastly, nothing gets done in a day…basic training took weeks, deployments could be months or years, getting back into a fulfilling rhythm will also take time.

You can find my works at the following locations: