Featured Artists

Our Featured Artists

What It Is

One of our pillars of operation is supporting fellow Veteran artists.  In an effort to do that, we created this simple platform for those artists.  Each artist is provided a short questionnaire that they fill out.  They send us a few pictures and links to their social mediate platforms if they have them.

Why It’s Important

For many of our artists, this is the first time they are promoting themselves outside of their circle of friends.  By applying to be a featured artist, they are gaining exposure and the ability reach new audiences.  As we continue to grow, so does our following and reach here at Arts at Attention. Each and every week we showcase one of our featured artists across all our social media platforms, from Instagram to Facebook and this blog and our newsletter.  By creating this networking opportunity, we not only provide our Veteran Artists with the platform to share their passion but we get to introduce you all to a new artist!  One never knows when and where relationships are made.  If we’re able to help facilitate an artist/collector relationship – even better!!

How to Be Featured

The how is super easy!  Just click HERE. Or scroll on over to the “Contact Us” tab in the menu of our website.  Let us know you’re interested in being a featured artist and we’ll get the questionnaire over to you.  The only caveat to this is that all our featured artists must be military Veterans.  All mediums are welcome! 

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