Arts at Attention - an Introduction

Arts at Attention

Hey there and thanks for stopping by!  Arts at Attention is a new nonprofit organization that is aimed at helping Veterans feel comfortable both during and after their transition out of the military and into the civilian life.  We believe in serving those who have served their country.  One thing that we all understand – all our founding board members are Veterans themselves – is the difficulty in making that transition for a myriad of reasons.  Many service members face feelings of confusing, feeling lost and lacking direction, and not knowing how to start over in a sector that doesn’t understand the job they once took such pride in.  For many this is all they have to worry about.  However, many Veterans leave the service a laundry list of psychological and physical ailments as a result of the beating their bodies took while in service.

Where Arts at Attention Fits

It’s at this point – the transition period- that our organization fits into the grand scheme of things.  We believe in the amazingly therapeutic benefits that the act of creating can have. We at Arts at Attention acknowledge that there is something inexplicable and innately powerful in simply creating art So do a lot of other scientists and organizations.  The news is full of interview, podcasts, and articles attesting to this very thing.  It’s even incorporated in certain healing practices for wounded warriors at Walter Reed Medical Center. It doesn’t really seem to matter WHAT the medium is that the creativity takes place.  Whether the person engages in painting, drawing, photography, singing, sculpting, acting, writing poetry, stand up comedy, dance, or making macaroni noodle necklaces – it all helps.  What matters is that through this act of creation, the service member inevitably regains a new focus that not only helps them cope during this transition phase from military civilian sector, but it gives them an outlet to help in all areas of their life going forward.  When we can turn our thoughts and emotions into something meaningful, we allow ourselves the mental break free of the societal restraints and stigmas often placed on us.  The barriers begin to fade away and true healing can begin.

Our Mission

Our mission here at Arts at Attention begins with presenting our nation’s Veterans the space to express themselves in a safe and judgement free zone while providing the ability for them to find new meaning through the creation of art.  What sets us apart is our ability offer online classes through the utilization of webinar programs.  We can teach/lead/guide an online class so that even those who are homebound for whatever reason have the opportunity to engage in a social activity, breaking the cycle of isolation.  We believe that while the act of creating is highly beneficial, adding the social interaction part of it can only help!  How many Veterans do you know that are housebound and sink lower into depression because they can’t get out and interact with their peers?  Even if all we’re doing is combing through adult coloring books or painting by number, the group can interact with one another and have that social connection.


In addition to our main mission, we have recently launched a new campaign in an effort to connect and join the hundreds of non profit organizations out there that focus on combating the Veteran suicide epidemic.  As a result, our campaign “22 a day is NOT ok” was born.  Be on the look out for more information on how you can help coming out soon!

In the meantime, I’d like to invite you to look around.  We have featured artists, online class sign ups, all our social media links, and of course a way for you to help support our cause by offering a donation. 

‘Til next time